How to Have a Hot First Date

How to Have a Hot First Date

Things You’ll Need

  • A sense of humor. An Ability to laugh at yourself.
  • 1
  • Do be confident. Confidence is the great elixir and if you have it women will want you in their life. If your bald or don’t have a pot,you can make up for it if you have confidence. This is the best advice I can give any man. Just be yourself. Act as if everyone loves you and they will.
  • 2
  • Take her to an interesting restaurant. This shows the lady that you
  • have some style and character. This also shows her that she’s important enough to you that you’ve taken some time out to research a special restaurant.It doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • 3
  • Be a great conversationalist-Try to talk about common interests. If you love football and cricket and she could careless, don’t go on and on about it. Try to tune into her interests, passions and hobbies. Try to find something that you mutually love or are passionate about and fly from there. Make it genuine.Hopefully, you will be so well rounded that she can talk to you on a variety of subjects. Take the lead in the conversation sometimes, women want a man that they can learn from and that inspires them. If you know how to be a scintillating conversationalist this will get things excited. Women are said to fall in love with their ears. So, if a man can be charming, intelligent and witty when he opens his mouth has a good shot at winning the woman.
  • 4
  • Be romantic and chivalrous- This could mean writing a note about what you like about her. On the first date, you can do one romantic gesture that says you dig her. You can tie her shoe, if it needs tying. Or, take her hand while she’s crossing the street. Or, brush her hair out of her face. Or, put your arm around her. Or, wink at her while you are looking into each other eyes over dinner. These things are subtle, but ever so sexy and will warm her to you
  • 5
  • Do go slow- Sometimes, it’s best to just go slow and take your time. “Nice and Easy”, like Sinatra says. This way your feelings can build up.The romantic tension can develop too. If you go slow, by the time you do finally kiss there will be some powerful fireworks,plus,you’ll have laid the foundation of a long lasting relationship.
  • 6
  • Play it cool- Don’t go too hot and heavy in the beginning otherwise you are likely to ruin something good. Also, if you are too pushy and too much into her you seem like you are too needy, and that’s not attractive at all. Just be cool and be patient and wait to see if something happens. Don’t hang on to her like a lost puppy dog, trying to kiss her all the time.Play it cool and don’t rush into things this is the best way to make someone interested in you.
  • Tips & Warnings

    • Actually by a man playing it as cool as he can, it will make the woman closer to him. It’s more interesting if the man can step back. Most women are used to men following them like teenage boys, so if you can take the reverse strategy and play it cool you are one step ahead and that will make you hot to her.



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