Favorite Classic Books

George Eliot, Daniel Deronda

William Makepeace Thackeray- Vanitey Fair

Charlotte Bronte- Jane Eyre

Shakespeare- Midsummer’s Night Dream


Favorite Spiritual Books
Byrne, Rhonda- The Secret

Causton, Richard- The Buddha in Daily Life

Chopra, Depak- The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success

Coehlo, Paul- Frida

Coehlo, Paul- The Alchemist

Gawain, Shakti- Creative Visualization

Ikeda, Daisaku- The New Human Revolution

Ikeda, Daisaku- The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

Martin, Greg-The Buddha and Your Mirror

Paramahansa Yogananda- Autobiography of a Yogi

Roman, Sanaya-Creating Money

Williamson, Marianne- A Woman’s Worth

Zukav, Gary- The Seat of Your Soul

Favorite Contemporary Literature

Bowles, Paul- The Sheltering Sky

Dai Sijie- Balzac and the lLittle Chinese Seamstress

Darwish, Mahmoud.Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982

Diamant, Anita- The Red Tent

Kostova,Elizabeth- The Historian

Kundera, Milan- The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Nafisi, Azar- Reading Lolita in Tehran

Wharton, Edith- Age of Innocence



Favorite Movies
Gone With The Wind
Sense and Sensibility
The Unberable Lightness of Being
The Sheltering Sky
The Painted Veil
Shawshank Redemption

Mutiny on the Bounty

Of Love and Shadows

The Motorcycle Diaries


Queen Victoria
Eat, Pray, Love



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