My Travels

More coming soon. please be patient.

These photos were taken one fine day I spent with my eldest sister Yasmin and her husband Steve Ludwig.They enthusiastically took me took Granada, the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere,(c. 1524) and is located along the coast of the Lake Nicaragua. We started with a big hearty breakfast, and I got to see the porch where my sister played as a child. From there, we took a private boat ride on Lake Cocibolca, where one can see Volcan Mombacho, and many exotic flora, including island lavender, as well as fauna, including spider monkeys, and macaws. We visited inside Convent of San Francisco which houses pre-Columbian statues and idols, which were found on the island during the Spanish conquest. We took a romantic horse and carriage ride and saw the Historical Sites of Granada: Xalteva Church, Plaza de los Leones, Plaza de la Independencia, and Granada cathedral. It was indeed a FINE day in Granada and we all agreed a very HAPPY one !


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